The Dungeon

For couples looking to explore the fetish lifestyle, rental rates start at $100 an hour with a two-hour minimum and overnight rentals are $600 for the evening.

Check-in is at 4pm and checkout is the following day at 11am. A complimentary orientation is available for first-time renters.

If you are interested in having a phone conversation to discuss details or possibly arrange a video tour, email

Dungeon Equipment

  • Basic medical amenities
  • Swing with motorized wench
  • Six foot six welded Steele sleeper cage
  • St Andrews Cross
  • Bondage table
  • Bondage prayer bench
  • Bondage lazy Susan display wheel
  • Multiple bondage chairs
  • Bondage bed
  • Bondage wall of pain
  • A spanking horse
  • Kneeling stockade
  • CBT torture chair
  • Full cross-dressing closet
  • Oversized massage table.
  • Toy, gear and implement closet
  • Bondage sleeper sacks
  • Motorized fucking machine. 

Swing Room

Our swing room comes equipped with a BDSM Swing with motorized wench and a St Andrews Cross.

Bed Room

The Bed Room is where you will find our Bondage Bed and closet full of Toys, Gear, and Implements.

The Meridian Dallas Dungeon

Ground Floor Room

The Ground Floor has various Bondage Chairs, Bondage prayer bench, Bondage lazy Susan display wheel among many other fun things

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